[OSM-talk-ie] Irish bid to host FOSS4G 2016

Peter Mooney petermooney78 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 20:17:40 UTC 2014

Hello OpenStreetMap IE,

My name is Dr. Peter Mooney and I am a Research Fellow at the Irish
Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Computer Science,
Maynooth University, Ireland. Apologies for cross posting of this message.

I have been carrying out research on or with OSM for many years now. Just
recently I was a co-author on the first ever edited volume academic book on
OpenStreetMap (

I am writing to the Irish OpenStreetMap talk pages to let you all know that
I am leading a group which will officially bid to host FOSS4G 2016 (Free
and Open
Source Software for Geomatics). As you may already know this is one of the
largest geospatial conferences held annually. The aim for attendance at
FOSS4G 2016 is 1,000 delegates. I believe that members of OpenStreetMap in
Ireland will find many like minded people at the conference from all over
the world. There will certainly be lots of OSM people at FOSS4G conferences
and meetups. The 2014
version of the conference has just passed (https://2014.foss4g.org/) in the
USA. The 2016 conference must take place in Europe. There is likely to be
rival bids from Bonn and Lausanne.

We have to submit a 2-page letter of intend by January 9th 2015. If this
makes it past the initial evaluation we will be invited to submit a full
proposal by late February. The results will be posted by end of March 2015
by OSGeo.

Below I've copied the email I posted yesterday to the OSGeo mailing list to
announce that a bid would be forthcoming from Ireland.


This is a massive undertaking. I would be delighted to chat with people
from OpenStreetMap Ireland if you are interested in getting involved in the
LOC. Or perhaps your
company or SME are interested? Or you might want to know more about FOSS4G.
In general I would really like to have the support of OpenStreetMap Ireland
in FOSS4G.

I'll keep this mailing list informed (low-traffic) of our success/failure
over the next couple of months. I look forward to hearing from anyone who
is interested in volunteering for the LOC.

Thanks for reading and please drop me an email if you're interested in
hearing more.

Best wishes,


Copy of OSGeo email

I am delighted to announce to the subscribers of this list that I am
leading a local organizing committee (LOC) which intends to bid for the
hosting of FOSS4G 2016 in Dublin Ireland. I have been working for over a
decade on GIS, Open Data, public access to environmental information and
open source software.

I have gathered an experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic (LOC) who
are very eager to work with the OSGeo and FOSS4G committees in hosting this
conference in Ireland in 2016. Dublin is European headquarters for many
major ICT, financial, manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies. These
companies will be engaged as sponsors, delegates and members of the LOC.
The major drives on open data and public access to geospatial information
amongst governmental organisations in Ireland will also be a driver for the

Our chosen venue is the iconic Convention Centre, Dublin (CCD). The CCD is
located right in the heart of Ireland's capital city and just 20 minutes
from Dublin International Airport. The CCD is on the banks of the River
Liffey and served by Dublin's tram system. The CCD has hosted conference
events with up to 4,500 delegates. The facilities provided by the CCD make
it one of the finest such venues internationally. In addition to CCD we
shall be partnering with local universities and other partners to deliver
FOSS4G 2016.

We shall be officially submitting our Letter of Intent well before the
deadline in January 2015. We are very excited by the challenge and the
opportunity of bringing this truly outstanding geospatial conference event
to Dublin in 2016. We wanted to let the OSGeo commmunity know that there is
lots of planning work going on in Ireland at the moment preparing for our

We will work very hard to ensure that FOSS4G celebrates it's 10th Birthday
in 2016 in style in one of the friendliest and open cities in the world.

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