[OSM-talk-ie] At this rate, we'll have all townlands mapped by 17th November 2020!

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Sat Mar 1 15:13:38 UTC 2014

Hi all,

As you know, we have a nice site for display the currently mapped 
townlands ( http://www.celtic-knot-creator.com/townland/ ). It's my 
website and I maintain it. It's updated every day (at about 6am). Based 
on a suggestion, I just added a new feature to keep track of the 
coverage percent each day, and predict how long it'll take to finish 
mapping the townlands:


Since yesterday we covered 0.04% more of the island of Ireland with 
townlands, that means it'll take about 6 years to finish. :) We'd better 
get mapping!

I've also broken it down by county. You may see some crazy high numbers 
(like it taking 400,000,000 years to finish Sligo), that's because only 
a teeeny tiny amount was added in that period.

It currently just compares the change since the previous day, and when I 
started recording (26th Feb 2014), and calculates a "improvement per 
day". Once we have enough data, I'll make it look at the previous week, 
month and year to make predictions.

If anyone would like any special features for that townland site, just 
let me know, and I'll see about adding it. The source code for that is 
open source and available here: https://github.com/rory/osm-irish-townlands/

This "predicated rate" is mostly just for fun, and hopeful something to 
motivate us to finish it. Just add some townlands to make the numbers go 


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