[OSM-talk-ie] At this rate, we'll have all townlands mapped by 17th November 2020!

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Sun Mar 2 17:09:28 UTC 2014

(For the benefit of those not on IRC:) This is the old "calculate 
coverage excluding water areas" issue others have mentioned. ( 
https://github.com/rory/osm-irish-townlands/issues/11 ). I'll be doing 
that next. We won't have to do any special tagging.


On 02/03/14 17:02, Killyfole and District Development Assocation wrote:
> Rory, thanks for maintaining the celtic-knot-creator.com website.  I find it a
> very helpful resource to have.
> According to the site, 40% of the townlands in Co Fermanagh are already
> mapped.  From my own progress, I reckon its more like 60% due to the fact
> that Lough Erne is not divided into townlands. Is there any way the Lough could
> be excluded?
> Looking at the townland maps, most small Loughs are sliced up and are
> actually part of the neighbouring townlands.  However, there are some larger
> Loughs which are not.  Lough Erne being one!  I think Lough Neigh is the same.
> Maybe we could create a special tag to mark the natural=water as belonging to
> a town or not.  Any thoughts on the matter?
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