[OSM-talk-ie] mapping roads

da fo43 dafo43 at outlook.com
Fri Mar 14 18:27:13 UTC 2014

Hello All, First
 time posting on the mailing list but I’ve spoken individually to a 
number of you already. There can’t be too many roads still to map in 
Ireland now so I guess the next step would be to improve the quality by 
filling in road numbers, names, etc. So I’m going to propose a few 
standards and see what people think. 1.       Map L roads 1000 to 4999 (Local Primary) as ‘Tertiary’ and all other public roads as ‘Unclassified’ or ‘Residential’.
 I know people have a lot of differing views on this and will admit that
 some local primary roads seem to have less importance than Local 
Secondary and Local Tertiary roads but really I think it’s better to go 
with what is designated rather than making judgement calls. On some 
parts of the map all roads are being set to ‘Tertiary’ so really I don’t
 think the current system works. All other roads are mapped as per 
designation so I personally don’t see why this should be any different.
 2.       Labeling roads L1000-9999 with spaces.
 I see on some parts of the map that roads are being labelled with a 
space ‘L 1234’ instead of ‘L1234’. I would be in favour of sticking to 
one standard, and going with the majority in not using a space.
 3.       Labeling roads over L9999.
 I propose the labeling roads listed as L12341 as L1234-1 as 
this makes it easier to read and work out which branch of 
primary/secondary road it belongs to. I guess this might not suit 
4.       Non public roads to be displayed as ‘Service’ or ‘Track’ only.
 It’s not always obvious if some roads are private (especially some 
housing estates) but where it is known for certain they are private then
 I would be in favour of using a ‘service’ road rather than 
‘residential’ or ‘unclassified’. 
 we can agree on some things and apologies if I have overwritten 
anyone’s work recently, it’s certainly not my intention to do so and I 
will go with whatever the consensus is. Lastly I was planning on making 
some small updates to the Wiki page, just a general cleanup on removing 
dead links and adding a sat nav section, if anyone has any objections please let me know.


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