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Donie Kelly donie.kelly at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 21:06:30 UTC 2014

I got nothing back. Didn't follow it up. 

On 14 Mar 2014, at 19:50, Daniel Cussen <dan at post.com> wrote:

>> I've just got a response from An Garda that my request has been passed up the >chain.
>> Fingers crossed.
>> Donie
> Donie Did you ever get an official response from the Gardai regarding
> your request to use the data from Gardai.ie speedzones?
> I am very interested in putting in this data too. If we get the
> official NO then we can begin mapping them ourselves and proactively
> seeking them out and marking them. I travel on national routes
> countrywide quite often so I could start getting the GPS positions of
> the signs on each side of the road, if we cannot use the Gardai info.
> So the first thing should be to get an official respose, and if it is
> yes then it should be easy to map the zones
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:highway%3Dspeed_camera
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Relation:enforcement
>> On 14/03/2014, Donie Kelly <donie.kelly at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Can we add the restricted speed zones? The ones the go safe cameras are on?
>> Just the speed limits on those stretches?
>> I'm working on an app for the speed zones and I'd like to be able to pop up
>> the speed limits as they are not always signed.
>> I can statically scan for updates to release to the app when updates on the
>> roads are implemented.
>> Any objections on using the data for this?
>> Donie
>>> On 14 Mar 2014, at 18:27, da fo43 <dafo43 at outlook.com> wrote:
>>> Hello All, First
>>> time posting on the mailing list but I've spoken individually to a
>>> number of you already. There can't be too many roads still to map in
>>> Ireland now so I guess the next step would be to improve the quality by
>>> filling in road numbers, names, etc. So I'm going to propose a few
>>> standards and see what people think. 1.       Map L roads 1000 to 4999
>>> (Local Primary) as 'Tertiary' and all other public roads as 'Unclassified'
>>> or 'Residential'.
>>> I know people have a lot of differing views on this and will admit that
>>> some local primary roads seem to have less importance than Local
>>> Secondary and Local Tertiary roads but really I think it's better to go
>>> with what is designated rather than making judgement calls. On some
>>> parts of the map all roads are being set to 'Tertiary' so really I don't
>>> think the current system works. All other roads are mapped as per
>>> designation so I personally don't see why this should be any different.
>>> 2.       Labeling roads L1000-9999 with spaces.
>>> I see on some parts of the map that roads are being labelled with a
>>> space 'L 1234' instead of 'L1234'. I would be in favour of sticking to
>>> one standard, and going with the majority in not using a space.
>>> 3.       Labeling roads over L9999.
>>> I propose the labeling roads listed as L12341 as L1234-1 as
>>> this makes it easier to read and work out which branch of
>>> primary/secondary road it belongs to. I guess this might not suit
>>> everyone.
>>> 4.       Non public roads to be displayed as 'Service' or 'Track' only.
>>> It's not always obvious if some roads are private (especially some
>>> housing estates) but where it is known for certain they are private then
>>> I would be in favour of using a 'service' road rather than
>>> 'residential' or 'unclassified'.
>>> Hopefully
>>> we can agree on some things and apologies if I have overwritten
>>> anyone's work recently, it's certainly not my intention to do so and I
>>> will go with whatever the consensus is. Lastly I was planning on making
>>> some small updates to the Wiki page, just a general cleanup on removing
>>> dead links and adding a sat nav section, if anyone has any objections
>>> please let me know.
>>> David
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