[OSM-talk-ie] Mobile speed camera zones

Daniel Cussen dan at post.com
Mon Mar 17 14:27:01 UTC 2014

Re speed zones

> Anybody interested in helping me get these mapped ourselves? If we gather
> the data ourselves we are under no obligation to anybody?

I had a look at the number of zones and there is an incredible amount
of them. Granted they may not change for a few years, and that there
is not that many on national roads, but it would probably require
stopping at the start and end of each zone, and it's hard to find the
end as the sign is on the far side facing the wrong way It would be
best to get a definite no, before we re-invent the wheel

> I've set up a few routes with the enforcement on them and I need you guys to
> check them.

They looked OK to me but I am no OSM expert.

> I can build this query into the back end of the app

A bit of checking revealed two similar apps Trapster and Waze which
are already in use and have Irish users. They are aimed at a worldwide
audience. Anyway I am not that keen on an app that is not a full OSM
map with full OSM offline turn by turn guidance.

I already have the zones on my garmin which also uses OSM maps. Is
there any existing OSM based map that does turn by turn and also
alerts for speed zones? Will it alert for your mobile speed camera
zones? Should we have a special tag for mobile camera zone, as there
does not seem to be one that I could find? They should also be a tag
for average speed camera zone, as there is one in Newry.

I noticed this website shows all the OSM speed cameras across europe:
You need to zoom in to say london with level 11 zoom to see them. I
could not see any mobile camera zones. If you zoom into a place like
brussels it shows speed limit icons. I am not sure if these are fixed
cameras or what.

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