[OSM-talk-ie] Euro OGP Panels - Opportunity for panel discussion on Open data that concerns us

Dave Corley davecorley at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 18:40:22 UTC 2014


Would any of the geo-knowledgeable folks be interested in contributing to a
panel discussion at the European OGP meeting in May.

They are currently looking for ideas / proposals for panels but if we are
to make a proposal it has to be in the next day or two as applications
close on Mar 24th. This means we'll have time to plan our approach and
build a pool of information (golden examples, case studies etc) that we can
use to emphasise our point of view.

I was thinking of a proposal along the lines of "why are National mapping
agencies so resistant to making their data fully open" or "Why is Govt.
open geo data so rare" etc etc.

Given that this is in Ireland, its a great chance to the Irish OSM
community and others to step up and speak up on this important issue.

This panel would likely consist of govt. representatives so hashing out
topics like this directly with the people who can effect change is no small

If anyone is interested in appearing on this panel, or can think of a
specific proposal we should suggest, please let me know.

Dave (DaCor)

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