[OSM-talk-ie] Over-zealous rejection of sources by editors

Colm Moore colmmoore72 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 27 17:18:59 UTC 2014


As background, I am editing the  Road Traffic (Special Speed Limits)(County Monaghan) Bye-Laws, 2014. I may sound angry in this email, but please take it as frustration and confusion.

Over the last day I have added notes to various roads around County Monaghan, several of which have been rejected on over-zealous "Sources Prohibited " grounds. 

For example:


Resolved note #140906

"Clones Road (National Road N54)" according to Road Traffic (Special Speed Limits)(County Monaghan) Bye-Laws, 2014

**Confirmed** by OSi, Google, Bing, NTA JP
Created by anonymous 23 minutes ago
Resolved by 12element 21 minutes ago

This note includes comments from anonymous users which should be independently verified.

    Resolved by 12element 21 minutes ago

    Sources Prohibited.


Both the council and Department of Transport refer to it as "Clones Road" and it indeed it goes to Clones.

S.I. No. 53/2012 - Roads Act 1993 (Classification of National Roads)
 Order 2012 http://www.irishstatutebook.ie/2012/en/si/0053.html  places 
Clones Road west of Market Road and east of Mullaghadun and

Why are separate council and governmental sources, available under the European Communities (Re-Use of Public Sector Information) Regulations 2005 (SI 279 of 2005) referred to as "Sources Prohibited"?

I have only used OSi, Google, Bing, NTA JP as confirmation - not original sources. NTA JP actually misspells it as "Clones Raod" at one point, but you get the idea. :) Even if I only used OSi, Google, Bing, NTA JP as original sources, surely that is 'genuine' research', not plagiarism.

If everybody is calling it "Clones Road" it just might be "Clones Road", but the attitude seems to be walk like a duck, talk like a duck ... oh, no you can only call if **Anas platyrhynchos**, not a duck. :(


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