[OSM-talk-ie] Mobile speed camera zones

Donie Kelly donie.kelly at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 01:05:33 UTC 2014

HI all

Sorry to bring this up again on the list but can you guys check that I am doing this speed zones correctly

Here is an overpass query that will show you what’s done already. http://overpass-turbo.eu/index.html

This query wil find all roads marked with an enforcement type of maxspeed
	<query type="way">
      	<has-kv k="maxspeed"/>
 	<has-kv k="enforcement" v="maxspeed"/>
	<bbox-query s="51.72022261695932" w="-11.217041015625" n="54.17529672404642" e="-5.9326171875"/>

<print mode="body"/>
<recurse type="down"/>
<print mode="skeleton"/>

The road through Charville for example has two speed limits throughout the speed enforcement zone, 50 and 100. What I’ve done is split the road into parts with separate speed limits on them instead of marking the whole road section as 50;60;100

So now I know when I’m in the 50 or 100. I think there might be a 60 in there so I will fix that on Tuesday on the way down to Cork. All road sections between the start and end of the speed camera signs are tagged as enforcement:maxspeed. Is this ok?

So querying this data I now know the entry and exit points and the actually speed limits on any part of the road so that I can display the speed limit and raise audible alerts intelligently as you drive on these sections.

Has anybody got other opinions on how this can be done?


ps: I’d love if people started helping out to get these mapped. If I get a commitment to get them done I can get the app out sooner and it will automatically get updates are done on OSM. 

On 17 Mar 2014, at 20:23, Donie Kelly <donie.kelly at gmail.com> wrote:

>> Re speed zones
>>> Anybody interested in helping me get these mapped ourselves? If we gather
>>> the data ourselves we are under no obligation to anybody?
>> I had a look at the number of zones and there is an incredible amount
>> of them. Granted they may not change for a few years, and that there
>> is not that many on national roads, but it would probably require
>> stopping at the start and end of each zone, and it's hard to find the
>> end as the sign is on the far side facing the wrong way It would be
>> best to get a definite no, before we re-invent the wheel
> Agreed
>> A bit of checking revealed two similar apps Trapster and Waze which
>> are already in use and have Irish users. They are aimed at a worldwide
>> audience. Anyway I am not that keen on an app that is not a full OSM
>> map with full OSM offline turn by turn guidance.
> These app don’t show you where the zones are in my opinion, only where speed traps are setup. My app will be designed to keep you safe when no camera is reported in that it will let you know you are in a restricted speed zone and tell you the speed limit.
>> I already have the zones on my garmin which also uses OSM maps. Is
>> there any existing OSM based map that does turn by turn and also
>> alerts for speed zones? Will it alert for your mobile speed camera
>> zones? Should we have a special tag for mobile camera zone, as there
>> does not seem to be one that I could find? They should also be a tag
>> for average speed camera zone, as there is one in Newry.
> When you say mobile speed zones it implies that the camera can be anywhere and that would be the intention of the tag I’d guess. These go-safe camera are know to be in certain areas only so we really need a a tag that says something like “temporary speed zone” or “partially enforced”. Only when the vans are there the zone is enforced. I’d see a mobile speed camera as being places anywhere, not just particular areas. There is a subtly difference.
> Does the app uses OSM data need to display that data on an OSM sourced map? I don’t think it matters does it? The app I’m developing is designed to use audio and GPS in the background and will not show you that map in normal use, only if you want to browse the zones.
>> I noticed this website shows all the OSM speed cameras across europe:
>> http://frink.bplaced.de/blitzer/
>> You need to zoom in to say london with level 11 zoom to see them. I
>> could not see any mobile camera zones. If you zoom into a place like
>> brussels it shows speed limit icons. I am not sure if these are fixed
>> cameras or what.
> That map is useless for Ireland. We need to tag this data ourselves I think and OSM is the ideal platform for it IMO. That way anybody can use it to develop other apps and the work is not propitiatory. 
> As an aside, I asked tom-tom to sell me the speed limit data via their API for offline use and they refused. The want the end use to query the speed limits in real time and they allowed only limited caching of the data. They charge per API call you see so use a cloud service to grab speed data from them is not even allowed as its’ a one to many and breaks the terms of the licence. 
> I want all zones to have speed limit data if they are marked for enforcement. We have the tools. It’s just getting people to map the zones in their areas along with the speed. They can be cross re

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