[OSM-talk-ie] NRA planning maps

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Mon Mar 31 12:30:01 UTC 2014


In road construction and the like, the designers would always do their own surveying, using the OSI maps only as a guide, as they would have no information on how up to date or or accurate the OSI data is. the OSI data would also lack some of the information they would be seeking, e.g. tree size or exact details of boundaries (height, thickness, make-up). On those drawings, you will sometimes see the OSI layer greyed-out in the background with the project-specific survey overlaid on it.

As to who owns those surveys and drawings - the engineering consultant or the council?


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> NRA planning maps: Don't use. Unless those guys have begun to survey for
> themselves we have to assume that any map they have is based on OSI and
> therefore no go.
> Dermot

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