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HI Colm

I’ll try to add a simple tutorial on how I’ve done the edits to the roads to split them but basically if you click on a node on the way it will give you options to split the line. IF the line is split between the speed limit zones you can update the tags for that section then.

I’m well aware of the Garda being on any road section but I’m concentrating on the Go Safe cameras for now as they are they biggest threat. You can (used to be able to) sweet talk a Guard but you can’t with these cameras :)

The whole point of the app anyway is not to allow you to sped (you do that at your own risk), it’s to get around the fact that the Go Safe zones are deliberately in place to generate revenue and in a lot of places there is no speed limit sign. You can easily think your are in a 100 or 80 and it could be a 60. You can get done for being over the limit even though you weren’t speeding as such or wouldn’t be if it was clearly marked.

I got 6 penalty points at the start of the campaign where those cameras were introduced because I wasn’t aware of either the speed limit or the zone location. Remember, at the start they didn’t even have the signs up. It’s a total revenue generating exercise as far as I can see.

I posed a query for overpass yesterday which will show you the zones you’ve mapped. Use that to check your work.


On 31 Mar 2014, at 14:15, Colm Moore <colmmoore72 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> 1. While the Go-safe cameras may often use particular spots, they can be 
> placed anywhere in a zone. Garda vehicles can be anywhere at all, not 
> just the designated zones.
> I understnad this is the current list of zones: http://www.garda.ie/Documents/User/Total%20list%20of%20ALL%20727%20active%20zones.pdf but an email to traffic at garda.ie should clarify that.
> Note that speed limits tend to be poorly signposted in Ireland.
> 2. I've noticed that road segments often go from village to village, but 
> this might not correspond with speed limit boundaries. How does one 
> split the segment into two segments?
> 3. With some roads, e.g. R166 https://www.openstreetmap.org/edit?editor=id#map=16/53.7459/-6.2921 the following data fields are available.
> Secondary Road
> * Name
> * One Way
> * Speed Limit
> * Structure
> * Access
> * Lanes
> * Surface
> * Reference
> * All tags (2)
> * All relations (0)
> However, with an adjacent minor road: https://www.openstreetmap.org/edit?editor=id#map=16/53.7570/-6.3205
> it does not have "Lanes" or "Reference". Is this because it is an unclassified road? How does one record the local road number?
> Colm
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>> The road through Charville for example has two speed limits throughout the speed enforcement zone, 50 and 100. What I?ve done is split the road into parts with separate speed limits on them instead of marking the whole road section as 50;60;100
>> So now I know when I?m in the 50 or 100. I think there might be a 60 in there so I will fix that on Tuesday on the way down to Cork. All road sections between the start and end of the speed camera signs are tagged as enforcement:maxspeed. Is this ok?
>> So querying this data I now know the entry and exit points and the actually speed limits on any part of the road so that I can display the speed limit and raise audible alerts intelligently as you drive on these sections.
>> Has anybody got other opinions on how this can be done?
>> Thanks
>> donie
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