[OSM-talk-ie] Mobile speed camera zones

Killyfole and District Development Assocation webmaster at killyfole.org.uk
Mon Mar 31 13:38:52 UTC 2014


It is because no-one has added those details yet.  Road sections can be tagged with what ever 
data we wish to tag them with.  The OSM wiki describes how to use the tags.  Speed on that 
section of way is tagging using maxspeed=*  We use the ref=* tag to record the road reference 
number ie R999, L9999 etc 

The following link is a visual layer which colour codes the speed limits stored in the OSM 
database and shows it on an OSM map.  The small key on the right shows the legend/key for 
the colours.  As you zoom in, minor roads will appear. Grey roads indicate that we do not have 
data available for those sections.  


Notice that the North speeds are a yellow/green colour, this is because the speed limits here 
are in miles per hour, not km/h.

I suggest you come along to #osm-ie and have a chat.


> However, with an adjacent minor road:
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/edit?editor=id#map=16/53.7570/-6.3205 it does
> not have "Lanes" or "Reference". Is this because it is an unclassified
> road? How does one record the local road number?
> Colm

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