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Dave Corley davecorley at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 22:59:13 UTC 2015

Hi Caroline,

How I typically tag is as follows

- housing estates - highway=residential
- rural roads (lower than secondary) - highway=unclassified
- driveway to a house - highway=service + service=driveway.
- forestry roads with no exit - highway=service
- forestry road with through access - highway=unclassified or higher
- bog road's -  highway=service where the surface looks good from imagery
after which I change to highway=track + tracktype=grade (1-5)

Note, I rarely map driveways unless they are special in some way e.g.
Driveway up to a stately Manor or something similar

As for buildings, in the context of townland mapping, I'm only mapping
significant buildings e.g. schools, chuches, GAA grounds, etc. Its a whole
other project to map all the buildings

It's worth keeping in mind, especially around Kerry that a lot of the
mapping in that area has been done by tourists so their grading of our
highways would be based on the roads where they are from. So for someone
from say Germany, anything with grass growing up the middle of it is a
track but we would map it as unclassified.

And yes, its slow going but many hands make light work. As it can seem
endless, it's a good idea to have a goal when you sit down to map.
Sometimes I'll take my lunch break at my desk and aim to map a specific
housing estate during that 30 mins. I often won't get it done but it gives
me something to come back to the next day to finish off.

Simply do what you can, when you can, and aim to keep your local area up to
date. Anything else is a bonus

On 3 Feb 2015 22:26, "Caroline Lewis" <carolinelewis at eircom.net> wrote:

> Hi - i am correcting in josm and am confused by the highway tags - in cork
> highways leading to houses were all tagged as tracks but in the kerry
> section there are residential, service, unclassified  and tracks
> which tag should i use and when?
> also do i need to draw in buildings or should i just get highways/streams
> done?
> its v. slow work!!!
> thanks
> c.
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