[OSM-talk-ie] New collection of 19th-century OSi maps at UCD Digital Library

John Howard john.brooks.howard at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 13:22:19 UTC 2016

Subscribers to this list might be interested in the collection of 1369
19th-century Ordnance Survey Ireland maps just made available by UCD
Digital Library: http://dx.doi.org/10.7925/drs1.ucdlib_40377. These are all
high-resolution, deep-zoomable images, created from maps that were
originally produced between 1837 and 1911.

The following is an excerpt from the collection description:

The collection contains maps for almost 150 cities, towns and villages in
the Republic of Ireland. Most are Town Plans which were surveyed at either
five or ten foot to one mile scale between 1837 and 1896. The remainder
were produced by enlargement of the 1/2500 maps between 1892 and 1911. The
large scale at which they were surveyed means that details, such as the
ground floor interior plans of public buildings from churches and banks to
hospitals and railway terminals, can be viewed on the maps. At street
level, features include benchmarks, pillar boxes, public water pumps,
troughs, hydrants, and lamp posts. Other useful information includes the
parish, barony, townland, ward and municipal boundaries which are all
clearly marked. Building types, such as mills, foundries, dye works,
barracks, billiard rooms, galleries, tea houses, bull rings and Turkish
baths, give an indication of the industrial and social activities of the
population of the time. Please note that modern place names are used in the
subject headings in the records. For example, to search or filter by
subject for Queenstown maps, use the modern place name Cobh.

Kind regards,

John Howard

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