[OSM-talk-ie] Oops, duplicate logain:refs added!

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Tue Mar 22 08:27:16 UTC 2016

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Hi Colmn,

I don't use the location from logainm to match up to OSM objects.
Instead I use the hierachy. So if civil parish X is in barony Y in OSM
and logainm, and barony Y has a logainm:ref of 123, and logainm only
has one CP in barony Y with the name of "X", then we can match it up.

Also, at the moment, I've only match up counties, baronies, civil
parishes and townlands from logainm. I haven't let done any of the
other things like "population centres" or bridges.


On 21/03/16 15:32, Colm Moore wrote:
> Hi, I had noticed that some logainm locations are slightly 'rough'.
> While bridges and other point features would normally be within 100
> metres, other might be out quite a bit, e.g. Balrothery
> (Balbriggan, Dublin), which I moved by more than 1km (if I remember
> correctly). Might the moving of them have caused the duplicates? 
> Colm
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>> Today's Topics:
>> 1. Oops, duplicate logain:refs added! (WAS: Re: Logainm data 
>> import #1 done!) (Rory McCann)
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From: Rory McCann <rory at technomancy.org>
>> Subject: [OSM-talk-ie] Oops, duplicate logain:refs added! (WAS:
>> Re: Logainm data import #1 done!)
>> Hi all,
>> It turns out there was a little problem with the logainm import,
>> which Meenatuggart noticed. There are about ~120 logainm:ref's
>> which are on more than one OSM object. Duplicate logainm:ref's
>> basically.
>> I've made a simple page on townlands.ie which shows the problems,
>> so that we can fix it up.
>> Please find the page here:
>> http://www.townlands.ie/progress/logainmqa/
>> I may add additional "QA" checks to that page when I can think
>> of additional ones.
>> R
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