[OSM-talk-ie] Irish overpass api is live again

Donal Diamond donal.diamond at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 21:58:42 UTC 2016

The Irish overpass api was down for a few months due to lack to diskspace.

dev3 ran taginfo/nominatim/planet/maps/tileserver/ircbot and all with only
about 10GB of storage space to play with so things were very tight so I had
to drop overpass.

Thanks to John Ronan and  the TSGG in Waterford IT, we now have increased
diskspace on dev3.

It is now back up and the UI is available at:

(The API it self is at http://overpass.openstreetmap.ie/)

The API DB is updated every 15 minutes from the diffs at

I find it works well when used in combination with taginfo - ie use taginfo
to find some common tagging typos then click on the 'Josm' or 'Level0'
links to downlaod the data into an editor to fix


Enjoy (again)


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