[OSM-talk-ie] Typos in Townland names

Brian Tuffy brian.tuffy at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 14:23:12 UTC 2017

Hi all,
I found a lot of typos in townland names in county Mayo and i presume it is
similar in other counties. As of 12.01.2017, About 4.3% of townlands in
Mayo have a mistake in the spelling. That is roughly 130 townland names
just for Mayo! I think that is something important we can correct now that
the hard work of mapping the townlands is done.

Before, I was correcting them as I came across them but I think a more
systematic approach is needed to double check names and also why i want the
community to help, share ideas on how to do it and check each others work.
It is understandable that mistakes were made since it is sometimes
difficult to read the GSGS30906 war maps source. So what I am talking about
here, is spelling mistakes in copying the townland names from the source.

So here are my questions;
How do we go about cross-checking the names of townlands (also parishes,
DED's etc)?
What sources can we use? 1911 census list of townlands? the war maps can
still be the original source of townland names. Can we legally use the data
on pobal.ie to cross-check spelling? Although unlikely, can we even extract
the other data there (townland id)? Is that useful ?

Are you interested in checking the names in your county?

Here I propose my way of checking townland names:
The principle was to compare the OSM list of townlands to other lists and
identify if the names match or are unique entries. The unique entries are
possible mistakes.
I downloaded the townland list for Mayo from townlands.ie and I am
currently trying to compare the list to other sources. I have the draft
list of townlands in Mayo from Loganim.ie and a townlands list from pobal.ie
(possibly copyrighted list ). Anyway, once the possible mistakes are
highlighted, (Excel - conditional formatting) we can go back to the war
maps source and check the correct spelling. It takes a lot of work, i.e.
formatting, false positives, we have to respect local names of townlands

Besides typos, this method can also be used to add the irish names of
townlands, identify missing townlands not yet added and much more.

Please let me know what you think. My corrections for Co. Mayo are nearly
complete and I plan to upload them soon.
Ok, Thanks for reading,

Username: OscarBrownbread

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