[OSM-talk-ie] FIXME~stub

Colm Moore colmmoore72 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 14 14:37:37 UTC 2017


I've been using the following query on Overpass-Turbo: "highway=unclassified and FIXME~stub or highway=unclassified and FIXME~Stub or highway=unclassified and fixme~stub or highway=unclassified and fixme~Stub" - shortcut http://url.ie/11v2c

I'm removing the stubs by completing the way and adding the basic road details. Most are actually roads that ended up being mapped from the other end anyway.  There were more than a thousand and I've removed several hundred. I've worked down the road hierarchy from motorway to residential, but not done highway=service or lower yet. Anyone that would like to help out is welcome. :D At this stage, it is mostly clusters of roads - I've removed single stubs. There are of course stub fences and stub power lines.

There are lists of fixmes here: http://stat.latlon.org/ie/latest/tags-other.html and here: http://stat.latlon.org/ie/latest/tags-f.html

***QUESTION***: Are people using FIXME~stub and similar only where the **way** is incomplete, not where additional tags are incomplete? Or might there be other factors involved?


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