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Brian Tuffy brian.tuffy at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 19:17:57 UTC 2019

Hey all,
I just wanted to add a few things although I am not that active on OSM
these days.
The National Monuments Service seems to have open data available that
includes ringforts and similar structures. I am not sure about the
licence compatibility and mass importing and all that This could be a
way to get the majority of ringforts into OSM considering the large
number of forts. Also, the naming schemes they use are somewhat
official, I suppose, and should guide OSM tagging schemes to
distinguish different types of forts (distinguishing between cashels,
earthworks, and raths), but I am not sure how that translates into OSM
tagging. To be honest, importing this data is a massive job if you
also want to consider the other archaeological structures, but in OSM
features are supposed to be visible landmarks.
Here's an extract of that data:
Children's burial ground
Castle - unclassified
Gateway (present location)
Castle - unclassified
Ringfort - cashel
Ringfort - cashel
Children's burial ground
Ritual site - holy well
Standing stone
Castle - tower house

What are Bee-boles anyway? .... Ahhh
Anyway, I agree with the tagging scheme in Colm's email for generic
ringforts that an OSM user might want to add. I think it is best to
not worry about distinguishing ringforts too much at this early stage.

Brian T

On Thu, Jan 3, 2019 at 1:52 PM Colm Moore <colmmoore72 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> > Any update on how folk are progressing with this?
> Rory and I spent some time going through them and earthworks=rath is no more. However, perhaps only 5% of ring forts are mapped. I find the split between ring fort, hill fort and ring ditch seems to be somewhat nebulous, so mapping the difference can be difficult.
> The correct tagging appears to be:
> * fortification_type=ringfort
> * historic=archaeological_site
> * site_type=fortification
> * historic:civilization=celtic <-- I've added this, Rory hasn't
> > earthworks=rath    <---------------- 1248 instances - Clare and Kerry only
> > fortification_type=hill_fort   <---- confused use - multiple different fort types
> > historic=fort      <---- confused use - multiple different fort types
> > fortification=ring_ditch      <---- minor
> > hillfort      <---- minor
> > historic=hillfort      <---- minor
> > historic=ring fort      <---- minor
> > military=fort      <---- minor
> > note=Ancient fort      <---- minor
> > note=Fort      <---- minor
> > note=Ring Fort?      <---- minor
> > ruins=fort      <---- minor
> > site_type=earthwork      <---- minor
> > site_type=enclosure      <---- minor
> Colm
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