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Brian Hollinshead brian at hollinshead.net
Mon Nov 2 08:07:39 UTC 2020

Hi Colm,

Seeing your list of Dublin Eds dated 1901, reminded me that I had most
likely added the bulk of the Dublin Eds and had used the 1901 census index.
Overpass shows 15 dated 1901. I suspect all that I added were 1901 even if
not so tagged.

To have the Dublin EDs conform to the rest of the country please let me
know what date the other counties are and confirm what source I should now

I can then quietly keep any that match and re-date them or remove those
that don’t and replace them. The sooner the better.


On Sun, 1 Nov 2020 at 21:00, Colm Moore <colmmoore72 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> While this project is substantially complete, a few things arise. None of
> my comments below are criticism of any of the people who have contributed.
> Some administrative areas have been broken and /or deleted. See examples
> below. If I find missing administrative areas could someone volunteer to
> add them?
> The diagnostic page https://www.townlands.ie/progress/ is throwing up
> lots of issues, e.g. it looks for County Derry but the name in OSM is
> County Londonderry.
> Some of the text on the Townlands.ie website is out of date, e.g. it
> refers to the project as being current.
> The menu at the bottom doesn't seem to include all the main pages, e.g.
> https://www.townlands.ie/progress/
> Colm
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Dublin City
> Mansion House B ED
> Merchants Quay F ED
> Rathmines East C ED
> Fingal
> Barberstown townland (between Blancharstown and Lucan).
> Northwest corner EDs - Balscadden, Clonmethan, Garristown, Hollywood -
> only the 1901 versions exist.
> Overlap between Kilsallaghan ED and The Ward ED.
> Off-shore islands not in any townland.
> Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown
> Off-shore islands not in any townland.
> South Dublin
> No apparent problems.
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