[OSM-talk-ie] OpenStreetMap Ireland projects

Donal Hunt donal.hunt at openstreetmap.ie
Mon Nov 2 11:27:45 UTC 2020

Hi Everyone,

I have a desire to tidy up the Ireland
<https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Ireland> wiki page a little in the
coming weeks but need some input from y'all/...

Current projects are:

   - osmirl_buildings project: map as many of the 5.5m buildings in Ireland.

Past projects are:

   - Clonmel Heritage Week 2020 project
   - Townlands.ie
   - others? for sure. let's get them listed...

Other "projects" listed on the page:

   - Places
   - Infrastructure
   - Irish Language (Gaeilge)
   - Gaelic games
   - Background Imagery
   - Imports

I would like to suggest that going forward, each project has a clear goal,
1-2 identified leaders and an easy way for others to contribute / join the
effort. Even pet projects are welcome to be listed as long as they meet the
above criteria. Small projects are better than long-lived projects that
keep evolving. It should be acceptable to have lots of small projects based
around a theme (e.g. ensure all towns have both english and irish names
listed; next project is "ensure all rivers have both irish and english
names", etc). Some of the "other" projects above should probably be moved
to a reference section unless there is high-priority mapping required for
some of the elements.

If you have any input, please add to the discussion here
page for the Ireland wiki page).

Donal Hunt
OpenStreetMap Ireland
donal.hunt at openstreetmap.ie | +353 87 8175123

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