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Colm Moore colmmoore72 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 3 16:31:14 UTC 2020


It seems it will only load the motorways and possibly route relations (not any other roads) that are in view on screen. If you move around the country and click "Select freeway" and "See Freeways" it will give you a different list in the drop-down list. Sometimes it takes a moment. If you zoom out to see the whole island, it will ask you to zoom in.

I had a look over the motorways this morning. The main issues remaining are:

  1.  Standardise rest / service areas.
  2.  Add names and destination information to the rest of the junctions and rest / service areas - the nodes and the slip roads.
  3.  Speed limits - about 99% of motorway ways and 62% of motorway_link ways have a speed limit mapped.
  4.  Address fixmes and FIXMEs


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Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2020 12:08:29 +0000
From: Tony Furnell <tonyfurnell at gmail.com>

Colm, that Check Autopista is a great tool, thanks for posting. It doesn't
come up with many roads across Ireland when you start a search though -
does this only apply to road routes that are marked as relations, or am I
missing a setting that allows me to view selected trunk etc. roads that
have ref=* tags?

Tony Furnell

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