[OSM-talk-ie] Did you add Electoral Divisions or DEDs to OSM?

Brian Hollinshead brian at hollinshead.net
Thu Nov 5 09:53:58 UTC 2020

If you did, can you please remember what date applied and what sources were

It was recently remarked that some of the Dublin ones were only dated 1901.
As I added quite a few of them using the 1901 census index because I knew
no better, I am curious as to what was used across the country.

If I had access to those countrywide ED sources I would like compare some
with my 1901 boundaries to see how closely, if at all, they match. With
hindsight, nationwide conformity would be good. If changes or replacements
are needed it would be nicer to do it during the remaining two weeks rather
than after liberation.

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