[OSM-talk-ie] Debugging

Colm Moore colmmoore72 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 27 08:57:37 UTC 2021


I see that there has been a huge amount of mapping going on recently, especially things like the St. Patrick's Day mapping and in places like Celbridge and Athlone. **Thank you!** 

I use the following to find and correct bugs and improve standardisation
* OSM Inspector http://tools.geofabrik.de/osmi/ and 
* the tag lists at http://stat.latlon.org/ie/latest/ and 
* the "Issues" function in the iD Editor - this allows you to debug your own mapping in realtime.

Some frequent bugs I have seen recently.
* Untagged features (no tags at all). These mostly aren't a huge problem, but clutter the editor view and make other debugging tasks harder. If you need to leave an untagged feature, adding fixme=* is useful.
* Dragged ways / nodes. Possibly unavoidable, they happen at random moments, especially if a mouse goes bezerk, as they occasionally do.
* Duplicated nodes and crossing buildings. This seems to mostly be around terraced buildings or buildings with very complicated shapes, especially where there is a 'step' in the facade.
* Duplicated features, e.g. landuse and building or building and node.
* Buildings that had all the other tags, but not a building=* tag.
* Footpaths (generally paved) mapped as paths (generally unpaved).
* Nearly junctions.

Thank you


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