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What you described are attributes, which can be can be resolved through
descriptive access controls rather than "highway=footway" vs "highway=path"
vs "highway=track"



On Fri, 30 Apr 2021 at 13:50, Neil O'Byrne <neilweb1 at outlook.com> wrote:

> Footpaths are important as dedicated rights of way for pedestrians and
> other vulnerable users of the public realm.  Footpaths and pedestrian areas
> are the only part of the public realm provided for the safety and enjoyment
> of vulnerable users of the public realm.   Cyclists are not regarded as
> sufficiently vulnerable users for footpath access or use on a par with
> pedestrians unless the path has been specifically designed and dedicated
> for shared use.  It is not legal to cycle on footpaths as it endangers
> pedestrians and other dedicated vulnerable users such as the disabled,
> babies in buggies, the very young, elderly, visually impaired, the deaf or
> hard of hearing.  Access tagging does not reflect this.  There is too much
> attention to what vehicles can access a footpath.  Every able body person
> is a pedestrian first and the most vulnerable user of the public realm.
> Other vulnerable users of the public realm can share the pedestrian space,
> but not at the cost of a vulnerability to pedestrians.
> There is a language issue also.   Footpaths, sidewalks, footways and paths
> have overlapping understandings around the globe because English is not a
> standardised as some think.
> In addition to the above, footpaths and soft verges where provided have an
> important role in general infrastructure.  Underground services for water,
> sewage, electricity and ICT (including broadband) are generally installed
> under footpaths in accordance with specified vertical and lateral
> separation.  This is so that they can be easily located and accessed for
> repair or upgrade.
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> Hi,
> A track can take 4-wheel vehicles, a path can not.
> Colm
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