[OSM-talk-ie] (no subject)

Brian Hollinshead brian at hollinshead.net
Sun Feb 28 19:43:43 UTC 2021

Please will you share your favourite/most useful/Ireland special overpass
query? Overpass queries can be daunting to a beginner and yet so hugely
helpful when learnt. Perhaps if enough of you each add a few then we could
ask that they perhaps be included as a permanent reference point on the
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Ireland page. Here are some to start a
collection.  To find kerb dips for wheelchairs/prams etc
kerb=flush (or lowered or raised)

Baronies in 'County Carlow'
boundary=barony in "County Carlow"

Baronies excluding a named one, (99% of Slievemargy is Laois)
boundary=barony and name!="Slievemargy" in “County Carlow”

To add name display to output, add at foot of query box.
area{text:name;}  (or node or way)

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