[OSM-talk-ie] Historic Castles, (buildings, ruins and sites of) in Dublin

Brian Hollinshead brian at hollinshead.net
Fri Jul 30 09:59:53 UTC 2021

Recently while reading Taylors map of 1816 of the Environs of Dublin, as
one does, I noticed a large number of castles, some as ruins even then.

I have re visited the map and made a list, with lat/lons, of over forty in
the County south of Portrane.

An overpass historic=castle offers 19 including buildings, towers, castle
and a martello tower.
Looking at presets in JOSM, I am offered historic places = castle  with sub
headings of defensive, fortress, manor, palace and stately. I am not
inclined to make 40 sub-head decisions and am faced with the choice of
adding any not already on OSM as historic=castle_site_of or some such or
just doing nothing. Advise please as to whether these merit a place in OSM
even if you can see some of them?

By the way I also looked at www.brittainirelandcastles.com and found
amongst others that the Arus in the Phoenix Park is included.

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