[OSM-talk-ie] Short bio of one of the new Directors of OSMie

Jonathan Mcguire jmcguire251 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 27 10:47:03 UTC 2021


My name is Jonathan Hannon (He/Him) and I'm of the new directors of OSMie,
elected yesterday

I’m from Westport Co. Mayo. Qualified in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical
Regulation (Very related to mapping lol)

I have had a keen interest in geography and cartography since I was young.
And I’ve been on OSM on and off for over  7 years.

I'm very passionate about eliminating the 'building=yes' tag from the
island of Ireland and mapping rural areas.

Some of my interests include Settlement patterns, voting systems, election
analysis, video games,  dendrology, gardening, Organic and Inorganic
chemistry, and pub quizzes. (Quite a hodge-podge I know)

I am super excited to work with you all, I know I have big shoes to fill.

Happy to part of the team,


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