[OSM-talk-ie] OpenStreetMap Ireland AGM recap

Donal Hunt donal.hunt at openstreetmap.ie
Mon Jun 28 07:30:00 UTC 2021


A big thank you to everyone that attended Saturday's Annual General Meeting
for OpenStreetMap Ireland CLG - board members, members, non-members and
lightning talk presenters. It was great to see such enthusiasm and
engagement and we appreciate the attention given to all the presenters.

*Members' Motions and Questions*

The two motions presented at the AGM were as follows:

*To request OpenStreetMap CLG to openly advertise opportunities for
*members **to serve on working groups within 50 days of the adoption of
this motion.*

*To thank Ciarán and Tadeusz for their contributions to the OpenStreetMap
*community over the past 3+ years. The formation of the formal chapter
would not*
*have happened without them.*

Both motions were passed with a show of hands.

*Election of Directors*

As part of our constitution, ~ 1/3 of the directors step down each year to
ensure there is an opportunity for others to join the board and bring new
skills to the organisation. Ciarán Staunton and Tadeusz Cantwell stood down
as directors this year and decided not to seek re-election. During the AGM,
two members indicated their willingness to join the board. They were both
nominated, seconded (and even thirded). As there were only two candidates
for the two open positions on the board, they were elected by a show of
hands among the members present at the meeting. No vote will be held.

Please welcome the two new board members:

   - Jonathan McGuire (Jonako - profile
   <https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Jonako> - stats
   - Jonny McCullagh (jonnymccullagh - profile
   <https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/jonnymccullagh> - stats

*Catchup TV*

For those who were unable to attend but would like to catch up on
proceedings, you can do so with the following links:

   - Recording of the AGM, access to slides and lightning talks
   <https://www.openstreetmap.ie/agm-2021-recap/> (openstreetmap.ie -
   requires login).
   - AGM slides
   - Lightning talks


If you have any feedback on the AGM, the organisation or stuff you would
like to see happen in the community, please get in touch with
board at openstreetmap.ie or myself directly. We also encourage everyone to
make use of the talk-ie@ mailing list to enlist support for ideas you
have, events you want to organise, etc.

That's it for now... See you on the map.

Donal (on behalf of the OpenStreetMap Ireland CLG board)
Donal Hunt
OpenStreetMap Ireland
donal.hunt at openstreetmap.ie | +353 87 8175123

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