[OSM-talk-ie] Locations here for 244 Mass Rocks not yet on OSM

Heikki Vesanto heikki.vesanto at openstreetmap.ie
Sun May 23 21:21:30 UTC 2021


I have added the suggested tags to the Wiki for: place_of_worship=mass_rock


Slight adjustment from Brian's suggestion on the tags.

To summaries I would propose the following tags specifically, for those
mass rocks that utilise the information from the National Monuments
Service. Happy to discuss the specific naming of the tags if anyone has a
better idea, we just need to be consisent:

source <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:source>=National Monuments
is the SMRS from NMS, for example 'DG016-033----'. On the Historic
Environment Viewer this is the header of an identified record.
is the Class description. For mass rocks this is either: 'Mass-rock' or
'Mass-rock (present location)'
is the date it was added to OpenStreetMap. In format: 2018-05-23

These features can be viewed on the Historic Environment Viewer:


Or an extract was taken on the 2021/05/23 and can be viewed on:


To note, these should not be added directly as a lot of them are no longer
present on the ground, and this is just a record of them having been there
in the past. This is often seen in the Description of the record.
I have also updated the map to show mass-rocks that are already mapped with
the tags:

There may be some mapped without that tag, but those should be update as
per the proposal:

But Donal's map is a good option as well. Or on Overpass Turbo:


On Sat, May 22, 2021 at 7:53 PM Brian Hollinshead <brian at hollinshead.net>

> Is one of the 244 Mass Rocks on the National Monuments Register near where
> you live? We already have permission to use this data if properly
> attributed. (See below for suggestion). Now that we can move around a bit
> more in the great outdoors (whoopee) would you consider visiting one
> closest to you or to where you pass and if you can find it, then ADD it to
> OSM.
> In case you don’t know where they might be Heikki has kindly prepared for
> us, a map with lat/lons and NMR descriptions and other details. Please see
> https://gisforthought.com/maps/mass_rocks/index.html
> For specific extra tags I suggest source=National Monuments Register,
> entity_id=abc1234, class_code=maro and date added to OSM=20210522. Please
> respect private landowners.
> Other suggestions and caveats welcome.
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