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I think the National Highways (NH) and National Highway Bypass should be marked  either Trunk or Primary regardless of the number of lanes in them. You can use the lane property to mark how many lanes are there on the road and the reference property can be use to name the highway as NH17 and the name can be used to identify the section of the highway. For example on NH17 the name can be Managalore-Surthkal. I have been tagging NH17, NH47 and NH212 as trunk.

The expressways which are now limited in numbers can be marked a motorway. I am also opposed to the tagging scheme based on road conditions. I am fine with any system that we come up for roads with in a city.


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I have been planning to give the osm project some publicity here in chennai and before i can do that, it is important that we agree on tagging standards for the country to guide new mappers otherwise the whole project may go into chaos.

I  request everyone to share their mapping experience and actively participate in the discussions at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Talk:WikiProject_India so that we have some agreed standards that we can follow. Once this is done, i can publicly start talking about the osm project in radio and newspapers.Also, to guide newcomers i have added a getting started section to the project page http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/WikiProject_India#Getting_started

Please feel free to expand improve the project page. There just seems to be a lot of clutter and information that is fragmented. Its about time we start organising stuff.



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