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Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 14 19:49:19 BST 2008

If I may interject a couple thoughts into this really interesting discussion .. interesting because in most places of active OSM contributions, 
there's a clear correspondence between road classification and road size.

Any number of tags can be applied to a road. So no need to decide between highway or lanes .. ideal to use both.

The highway=primary/secondary/tertiary classification scheme doesn't refer to the size of the road, or its passibility, but to its classification.
If a road links two major cities, it's primary, despite it's size.

Tags like "lanes" and "width" can describe those characteristics.

highway=construction and construction=*, will indicate that a road is under repair. Better to use that than "tertiary".

Also important to mention that ultimately, tags are suggestions. Sure there's conformity encouraged by what mapnik will render. 
But you're free to do your own rendering and add any tags you like.

India is a big country .. the biggest single nation actively mapped in OSM! So I wouldn't be surprised at all if different schemes are used in different states.
The possibility for harmonization at a later date is real .. this is a wiki, and major roads should be particularly easy to update. 
In other words, don't let disagreement stop anything!


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On Tuesday 14 October 2008 12:54:30 pm Shajeer Mohammed wrote:
> On  first look the user will be able to identify that a particular road is
> an NH. An NH could be single lane, however when sees an NH it also means it
> connects important cities and are there are remote chances that you would
> get lost on a NH.  If the number of lanes are the criteria that would
> identify the condition of a road, I disagree. There are quite a few single
> lane roads which are extremely good (Coimbatore-Palakkad) and there are
> highways which are 4 laned but maintained in bad shape.

that is the difference between osm and other people - we show the road in the 
state it is. I tagged mangalore-bcr which is a national highway, as tertiary, 
because it is under repair and not motorable. Do not forget - do not map 
anything that you have not seen.

Kenneth Gonsalves

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