[Talk-in] Time for consensus

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at au-kbc.org
Fri Oct 17 04:38:40 BST 2008

On Thursday 16 October 2008 08:46:33 pm PlaneMad wrote:
> :P ok kenneth, no pint banging heads over this issue. but as someone who
> : has
> been invovled with wikipedia, i know how it feels when all your hard work
> gets modified with someone with a very different idea. which is why its
> always better to settle on something so there are no conflicts later on.

I have no objection to consensus - I only do not want premature consensus. 
There are very few of us working now and we have just started to understand 
the problems involved. Premature or wrong consensus will be a big problem in 

> 1) it may not be possible to traverse the entire network. you do so because
> of your work, not because you want to check the status of the road daily.
> This is also true for mapping the railway network

*I* do not have to do it for the road - if the map is used, the users will 
report on the condition of the road. If it is not used, it doesnt matter what 
is on it
> 2)We HAVE to make use of satellite imagery and gps traces of others too. if
> we were to map only things that we set eyes on, the country would take more
> than a decade to get mapped.

I use satellite where there is usable satellite imagery - this is non-existent 
in most places of Tamilnadu outside Chennai. Even for coimbatore the only 
recognisable features are two lakes. So we have to use only GPS here. It 
doesnt matter if the country would take more than a decade to get mapped - as 
long as the map is accurate. There can be no excuse for mapping places you 
have not seen - barring of course rivers like Kaveri or Ganga and big lakes.
> 3)There are going to be people who are tracing yahoo imagery wether you
> like it or not. i have done so for chennai and i think its a great starting
> point. so its quite possible that some chennai guy sitting in delhi is
> going to be edititng the chennai map and trying to change road
> classifications according to his method. theres no way to limit people to
> editing only their locality. so we do need some guidelines to avert a
> mapping mess.

we need guidlines - but let us take our time over it and have full discussion 
before laying down guidelines - and there now seems a fair amount of 
agreement too.

Kenneth Gonsalves

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