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> > Give data logger to taxi driver, bus driver, auto rickshaw drivers,
> > Postmen, news-paper hawkers, milk-man, and may be beggars :-) No
> > dearth of cheep man power.
> *sigh* I only said that, because i am in touch with a group who is
> into touring and there are people in Delhi who are planning to do a
> round trip through out India. But yea sure whatever...
The Bus driver could be a good thing. Imagine having a data logger in
atleast 2 buses (in case one fails) of every route. Since the bus will
travel a specific route in regular (which no auto/taxi/person will do), we
have a chance of getting real time data.

Manually bus driver can indicate a jam or automagically if there is a
mechanism to pick from the speed of bus i.e., if bus speed < 10kmph for more
than 5 minutes then its a jam :)

May be I am talking nonsense :( atleast thinking of the cost involved into
equipment for these kinda weird imaginations :)

Srikrishna Das
(krish at irc.freenode.net)
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