[Talk-in] server name

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at au-kbc.org
Thu Dec 3 13:17:47 GMT 2009


I had mailed some people on the OSMF board with regard to getting the 
in.openstreet.org domain pointed to the Indian server, but they said that so 
far the OSMF has not taken a decision on subdomains. However they pointed out 
that a dot in domain with the openstreetmap word in it is not against OSM 
policies, and we are free to use it (as long as we stick with OSM data and 
licenses). So now our server is running on http://openstreetmap.org.in (it 
also runs on xlquest.net for the time being.

Thanks to Mike and Mikel for their prompt response.

Kenneth Gonsalves
Senior Project Officer

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