[Talk-in] District Data

Harshad RJ harshad.rj at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 12:29:45 GMT 2009


I have found district data for India here:

I have managed to download, parse and convert into OSM format. Attributes
are marked as defined here:

(For Indian districts, boundary=administrative, admin_level=4, area=yes)

Before uploading, I thought I should check with experienced folks here,

   - Does this dataset have any copyright issues?
   - Are there any district boundaries that are already well mapped and need
   to be excluded?
   - Any other thoughts?

If no problems, I can bulk upload the data. My process will be:

   1. upload a single district boundary
   2. Check if it was uploaded and rendered correctly
   3. Upload the remaining district boundaries

Harshad RJ
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