[Talk-in] District Data

Harshad RJ harshad.rj at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 06:38:25 GMT 2009

Special attention PlaneMad!

Just noticed this page on the OSM wiki:

The administrative levels are proposed as follows for India
[1] N/A
[2] National border
[3] Division (?)
[4] State
[5] District
[6] Sub-district (Taluk, Tehsil, etc)

Two questions:

   1. What is [3] Division for? I don't remember anything in my history
   books about Divisions!
   2. The data I have uploaded yesterday marks every district with
   admin_level=4. Is it okay to change the wiki in accordance with this, if
   division can be removed from the list?

Harshad RJ
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