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> On Sunday 06 Dec 2009 12:08:25 pm Harshad RJ wrote:
> > 1. What is [3] Division for? I don't remember anything in my history
> >    books about Divisions!
> >
> the erstwhile Mumbai Presidency has divisions - several districts together
> and
> sub-divisions - several taluks together. So you have:
> division - divisional commissioner
> district - deputy commissioner
> sub-division - assistant commissioner
> taluk - tahsildar
> this is followed in Karnataka for example.
> Madras Presidency area:
> District - collector
> block - RDO (two or more taluks)
> taluk - tahsildar
> this is followed in Tamilnadu

If Division = collection of districts within a state, then its admin_level
ought to be somewhere between State and Division. In the current proposal,
it's one level higher than the State!

You say "erstwhile" for Mumbai presidency. Is this presidency/division
concept still followed in India? Do we want it in OSM? Also, is this
convention standard all over India?

Aside, I did some digging on the internet. Both wikipedia and the CIA fact
book pages for India describe states and union territories as
"administrative divisions of India". It's used as a generalized term for all
countries. The next level is districts, followed by taluks/tehsils.

Harshad RJ
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