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> > http://bitbucket.org/lawgon/osmindia/issue/7/url-redirection-for-cities
> >
> >  Since we have a nice .in domain, can we set up a URL redirection
> something like
> >
> > openstreetmap.in/chennai --> zooms to
> http://www.openstreetmap.in/?zoom=11&lat=13.06769&lon=80.22032&layers=B
> >
> > we can have URLs for major cities and well mapped towns to start with. We
> can have it for states too.
> When search function implemented, this one and Quick link (presently
> on main page, having links to Ooty and Chennai) will become redundant.

No.I guess fancy URLs will help web crawlers which can give us more
visibility on search and give hits. I am working on the quick links page
which will contain links to cities / states and places that are well mapped
and might interest people. Ex:- Coimbatore Golf Course or Tirupati Hills.
This can also be a place for visibility where other people in the community
can know what has been mapped well.
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