[Talk-in] Fort Cochin Heritage Mapping

Sajjad Anwar sajjadkm at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 01:55:54 GMT 2009


We came to know about the Fort Cochin Heritage walk, which brings in a lot
of tourists flying down to Kerala. Recently, one of our friends were there
and he had pointed out that the map was not good, to let the tourists take
total advantage of the walk. Probably, GeoHackers <http://geohackers.in/> is
planning to map the walk, and print maps, with overlay information which can
help the tourists, make their visit worthwhile. The mapping is tentatively
planned to be during 27-28 December. More information is
We need more suggestion regarding how to improve the map, so that it can
help tourists. Are there any kinds of OpenStreetMaps tools or mashups for
the same purpose?

We know this is a very small initiative, still, just this would bring a lot
of relief to the tourists. Thank you.


Sajjad Anwar
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