[Talk-in] Server for map in Indian languages

Shekhar Krishnan shekhar at crit.org.in
Mon Feb 9 01:04:22 GMT 2009

Our community server at http://freemap.in can host and provide help for 
an India-specific OSM instance, unless Kenneth has already acquired 
space elsewhere. Our server is *meant* for these projects and is 
dedicated to open source mapping apps.

Arindam Ghosh told me that he will work on setting up a new instance of 
OSM here. We'll keep everyone posted. If anyone else wants to volunteer 
to work on the freemap server and Indic localization of an OSM instance 
here, please let me know.

Arindam is also working on importing the shape files from 
http://mumbai.freemap.in into OSM format. While we plan to host this 
locally, we want to discuss eventual merger of Mumbai Freemap data into 
main OSM to replace the very inaccurate road data for Mumbai which is 
presently in OSM.


> Kenneth Gonsalves wrote:
>> On Wednesday 04 Feb 2009 1:46:26 pm Kenneth Gonsalves wrote:
>>> On Wednesday 04 Feb 2009 1:45:01 pm Pradeep B V wrote:
>>>>> frankly I forgot about it - we can put this up on my server to start
>>>>> with and
>>>>> then get more power if it becomes popular. So who is game to help with
>>>>> the setup? The server is running debian 4.
>>>> I am game. How can I help?
>>> you have experience with debian4?
>> ok things are moving - I think we should have a server up and running 
>> sometime in the next 48 hours. I plan to restrict the data to India 
>> and specialise rendering of India specific tags - things like taluk, 
>> block etc - and of course, some good fonts.


Shekhar Krishnan
MIT E51-185
77, Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139


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