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Pradeep B V pradeepbv at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 06:44:16 GMT 2009

Here is the plan for the 16th meeting of OSMers in Bangalore.
Meetup at Servelots at 9.30am in the morning

Have a 30 mins session 'Initiation to OSM for the uninitiated' -
Mikel/Kenneth/ArunGanesh. (Arun you are needed!)

Have discussions on

1. State of the map in India
2. Whats happening on the OSM front outside India - Mikel please enlighten
3. OSM feature tagging for India - new features, tags, icons. What can be
borrowed/adapted and what has to be created.
4. Using Indic languages in rendering maps
5. Setting up OSM India server
6. and any other topic which the gathering chooses to discuss. (feel free to
add .. )

Lunch and snacks will be arranged at Servelots.

We can have a mapping party later in the evening.

Interested people can stay back and finish up the mapping exercise and have
dinner someplace closeby. (BYOD - Buy Your Own Dinner ).

Please pass on this message to people you know who would be interested in
such an meeting. Those of you who wish to be there for the mapping party it
would be nice if you can BYOG (Bring your own GPS). If you don't have a GPS
no worries. You can try a few things on Potlatch. :-)

See you all on 16th morning.

- P
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