[Talk-in] demo stall

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at au-kbc.org
Sun Mar 1 08:05:53 GMT 2009


I gave a talk on OSM at fossconf09 at Madurai. There was a packed hall to 
listen - about a 100 people, and I got one definite and about 10 possibles. But 
on the 3 days of the conference about 2000 people attended, and I only reached 
a 100 of them. 1900 are still living in blissful ignorance of OSM. I now 
realise that I should have taken a demo stall - and reached all 2000 of them. 
Which means in the Pune conference I reached about 15 people and missed the 
remaining 800. In future I propose we have a demo stall in any conference 
where we can get a foot in. Which means preparing the material. This means 
slides, a set of sites which show what can be done, printouts of the area in 
which the conference is taking place. Potlatch and JOSM open on machines so 
interested people can get hands-on experience. We need to gather up all the 
resources in a wiki page, along with a list of volunteers giving which parts 
of the country they are willing to cover.
Kenneth Gonsalves

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