[Talk-in] demo stall

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at au-kbc.org
Mon Mar 2 03:32:05 GMT 2009

rearranging top post ...

On Sunday 01 March 2009 20:53:37 PlaneMad wrote:
>> In future I propose we have a demo stall in any
> > conference where we can get a foot in. Which means preparing the
> > material. This means slides, a set of sites which show what can be done,
> > printouts of the area in
> > which the conference is taking place. Potlatch and JOSM open on machines
> > so interested people can get hands-on experience. We need to gather up
> > all the resources in a wiki page, along with a list of volunteers giving
> > which parts
> > of the country they are willing to cover.

> excellent idea. if this has been done in other countries maybe we can
> source existing material instead of starting from scratch.

1. we need a slideshow - I think we can lift Mikel's slides and customise for 
Indian conditions

2. Printouts of the map for the area the conference is being held in, for 
people to go around and add missing features

3. one or more machines where people can get hands on experience with josm and 

4. posters and leaflets.

Kenneth Gonsalves

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