[Talk-in] OpenStreetMap workshops

Ajay Shah ajayshah at mayin.org
Sat Oct 3 21:24:58 BST 2009

> My goal in doing any of this is to expand the critical mass of mappers,
> because the more we have, the greater their economic significance as a
> collective, and thereby the easier it will get to raise internal funding.
> You seem to indicate we have enough of a critical mass to be able to run
> workshops without external funding. This is great, and we ought to be doing
> those workshops then. I just see no reason to be satisfied with any
> definition of enough. External funding can always help to expand the
> outreach.

I agree. I think our goal should be to make OSM a top quality public
domain map data resource for India. Period. I'm agnostic about how we
get there. External resources will help us get the ball rolling, suck
in users, and get the network externalities.

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