[Talk-in] Indian Slum Mapping

Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 18 10:54:08 GMT 2010

> IMHO, this needs much more ground work for surveying these areas than
> simply drawing them on the map while sitting at home. But yes, the
> maps that we prepare can serve as a good base for survey agencies.
> We need to identify what all amenities or POIs need to be mapped in
> addition to boundaries, lanes, public water taps/handpumps etc. that
> will be helpful to the government in executing this project.

Nishant, I very much agree with your assessment.

There's some documentation on what we encountered when mapping in Kibera


A compilation of all tags...

Our approach, and I think the OSM approach generally, is to find out from mappers themselves
what they think is important. So in Kibera, we left this in their hands. I think the same approach
in India could prove very fruitful, and give the government a very clear view on what the community
needs are.

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