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Perhaps of interest to this list.

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> From: Pranesh Prakash <pranesh at cis-india.org>
> Date: 11 July 2011 6:36:21 PM GMT+05:30
> To: Datameet <datameet at googlegroups.com>
> Subject: [datameet] NSDI Questionnaire
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> Dear all,
> The National Spatial Data Infrastructure (which falls under the
> Department of Science and Technology) is conducting a survey of
> "GeoProfessionals" and "General Users" who use geospatial data.
> I would urge all those involved with OpenStreetMaps and those who
> believe in the benefits of open geospatial data to please a) fill out
> the appropriate questionnaire (available in .doc format), and b) send
> this out to others who would care and ask them to do the same.  I feel
> it is an opportunity to let the government know about the numbers using
> open mapping as well as non-profit endeavours in this space.
> For professionals/contributors: http://goo.gl/5fBFv
> For general public/users: http://goo.gl/o8r1z
> Cheers,
> Pranesh
> -- 
> Pranesh Prakash
> Programme Manager
> Centre for Internet and Society
> W: http://cis-india.org | T: +91 80 40926283

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