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>   There are some details in here -
> http://urbanindia.nic.in/programme/lsg/nuis.htm
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> http://www.theatlanticcities.com/technology/2012/08/master-planning-7935-indian-cities-and-towns/2835/
> Anyone heard of this, know anything about it? Any chance the imagery could
> be made more widely available?

A simple reason why it wont - defence clearance. And since the map data is
going to Survey of India, that wont be made open either.

>From what I could gather, the imagery will be owned by the National Remote
Sensing Center, and the current data sharing policy in place allows only
low resolution imagery (in non sensitive areas) to be made open. All their
open data is accessible at the Open Earth Observation Data portal:

with the following usage policy:

> * **Terms of uses and Citation Policy:*

1.NRSC/ISRO grants only single user license for the use of Earth
Observation data and products downloaded from this web portal, after
appropriate registration in the portal.

2. NRSC grants the user a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license
with the following terms and conditions.

i. User can download and install the product in his/her premises (including
on an internal computer network) with the express exclusion of the Internet
based hosting;

ii. User can make copies of the product (for installation and back-up
purposes) ;

iii. User can use the product for his/her own internal needs and

iv. User can use the product to produce Value Added Products and/or
derivative works;

v. User can make the product and/or any Value Added Product as per their
requirement use on behalf of the user;

vi. User can print and distribute or post the data (of 1K x 1K size) on an
Internet site (visualization purpose only), but with no possibility of
downloading of original product, in each case with an appropriate credit
conspicuously displayed as per NRSC/ISRO citation policy.

vii. The user shall indemnify NRSC for any loss; claims and conclusions
drawn out of the direct use of the data or value added product generated
using the data/service by them or by any other third party. NRSC disowns
liability for issues that might emerge due to use of data for any
commercial and/or legal purposes.

viii. The data and web service shall remain exclusive property of NRSC,
ISRO. All the Copyright lies with NRSC/ ISRO for data and web services.

ix. Users must invariably acknowledge the data and web service source and
use. The source of the data and service will be cited as "Name of the
Data", National Remote Sensing Centre, ISRO, Government of India,
Hyderabad, India.

3. Users are encouraged to provide their feedback on data and its uses
through online or email.

> In my view, remote sensing and GIS in master urban plans is just one step.
> Digital/Offline participatory planning, starting with engagement in
> OpenStreetMap, could produce truly workable plans for the growth of India's
> cities.
> -Mikel
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