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Sat Feb 23 16:05:00 UTC 2013


thanks to OpenStreetMap and his team I have just released a new
application, currently only for Android but if it hasa bit of success I
have already set the output on the iPhone and iPad, called "Master City".

The application is actually a game where, with a double-click, you have to
find 5 cities on the map.

The data can be filtered by continent or country and choose from 3
different levels of the game.
Furthermore, the application does not require access to the internet or
wi-fi because, at the moment, everything is contained in the application

If you want to take a look under the page on the store

I highly recommend you let me know if there are improvements (obviously)
and such.

In addition to the game itself I think can also be useful to know
OpenStreetMap for people of all ages (from 10 up can also be used as an
exercise in geography).

Obviously in the OpenStreetMap spirit the game is completely free and
without ads.

Thanks again to all who in recent years have been mapped and those who have
just begun.
The assignment can be found in the credits section of the settings.

Mario Danelli
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