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Sajjad Anwar me at sajjad.in
Thu Apr 24 13:22:27 UTC 2014

Thought this would be interesting to some of you. If you are in
Bangalore, you should go. I do have a feeling that they are trying to
do something that OSM has already established. Worth having the


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From: Soumya Deb <debloper at gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 9:14 AM
Subject: Mozilla Geolocation Pilot Project
To: Sajjad Anwar <sajjadkm at gmail.com>

Hi Sajjad,

Mozilla Location Service team is kicking off a series of events in
India, called "Geolocation in a Box". The primary purpose of the event
is to understand location services with greater depth (checking out
the existing wheels, before recreating), explore possibilities, gather
feedback & connect with the developer community to build on top of it.

This competes directly with Google Location Services et al. and as you
can understand, it will need a lot of community backing to do so well.
It's an open, public location service for all; and is from Mozilla, so
it's as altruistic as it gets.

The event targets to spread general awareness of the project,
brainstorm & gather feedback from the people who has insights in this
topic & then go on a short distributed trip to the city, with
MozStumbler app on participant's android devices, to gather location
data. We have pretty neat plans to reward the top contributors! ;)

Following are the links you may wanna check out:
Event Page: https://reps.mozilla.org/e/geolocation-in-a-box-bangalore/
Service Page: https://location.services.mozilla.com/
Bangalore Data: https://location.services.mozilla.com/map#12/12.9664/77.5666
Leaderboard of contributors: https://location.services.mozilla.com/leaders

As you have invaluable contributions & recognition in OSM, I request
you to spread the word to the folks based in Bangalore, who can drop
by the Red Hat office on this Saturday afternoon.

Thanks in advance!

Soumya Deb
Twitter: @Debloper
Open Source Evangelist

Sajjad Anwar http://geohacker.in

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